Localhost upgraded in Nodejs 17.0 or higher

till Nodejs 16 IPv6 is used, now Node.js preferred IPv4 over IPv6 when connecting to dual-stack hosts. It was possible to override it in the DNS lookup function, and recently they made it possible to override app-wide, but this behavior being the default meant that the majority of Node.js apps…

Android Studio looking for developer mode

Building with plugins requires symlink support. Please enable Developer Mode in your system settings. Runstart ms-settings:developersto open settings.exit code 1 Solution: on Windows 10/11 go to settings: Click on Privacy & Security and after, click on for developers option. On for developers settings, activate the Developer mode option (Install apps from any source…).

Change the default DATE format of Oracle

Finally, you can change the default DATE format of Oracle from “DD-MON-YY” to something you like by issuing the following command in sqlplus: alter session set NLS_DATE_FORMAT=’dd-MM-yyyy’; The change is only valid for the current sqlplus session.